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Instructions For Dollar Bill Origami Heads

Ok guys whilst we wait for the course to start up here are some essential simple folds you can learn based on the water bomb fold. Its an essential fold for origami and certainly for dollar bill origami as wonderful animals and features can be made. If you are interested in learning dollar bill origami or looking for instructions for dollar bill origami then these free videos are for you.

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Dollar Bill Origami Mouse

This is a greeeeeeat picture of dollar bill origami

Dollar Bill Origami Bull


Featured Orikane Practitionaire Jon Tucker

Jon Tucker

Years Practicing
I am 19 and have been folding for about 11 years. I have been designing for about 3 years.

Favorite Fold

My favorite fold is the Blackdevil Angler by Robert Lang and diagrammed in Origami Sea Life by Lang and Montroll. It is not orikane, but I have always been amazed by this model. The simple base that Lang uses and the clever techniques he uses to get all of those teeth are incredible to me. It is a blast to fold, even though there are some nasty sinks typical of Lang at the end. I have been folding (and loving) this model since before I could even do all of the steps.

I have mainly been influenced by Robert Lang. I grew up folding and learning from Origami Sea Life, and I still love that book. Peter Engel's book Origami from Angelfish to Zen also was influential for me. I was mainly attracted to the intuitive bases used in the designs from those two books. Lang used the bird base for his Hermit Crab and shells, and variations of the blintz frog base were used for Lang's Angler and Engel's Octopus and Squid. I like when a design just 'feels' right, and Lang in particular has developed some great bases that are very suitable for the subject being folded.

Intuitive and efficient bases are very important for origami, and in particular orikane. I think that when you are folding with paper like a small, thick dollar especially that you must find the best and simplest way to fold something. When a good, simple folding sequence is found a model just tends to feel right and look good, too.

More recently I have been influenced by Satoshi Kamiya and Eric Joisel. Kamiya is simply an amazing folder-his precision as a folder and a designer are matched by few, if any. Joisel breathes life into paper. No other folder that I have seen can fold with as much vitality as Joisel can. His masks are so expressive and everything he folds is detailed, yet full of life. He is unique in that he folds with complexity yet never allows any bit of that complexity obscure his true artistry: the emotion and life in everything he folds.

Moderation in all things-over-complexity and over-simplicity will not yield good results. Art is life-what we fold is ourselves, emotion, humanity, and the world.

I was born and raised and currently reside in central Ohio. I am now attending college at the University of Akron and majoring in Music Education.

Message To Beginners
Join the origami community. The Origami Forum ( is a great place to get involved. That and many other forums are a great way to interact with, share with, and learn from other origamists literally across the world. Also try to attend a convention in your area (country). I attended the OUSA convention in 2007 and was blown away. I was not involved in the origami community until about a year ago and it would have been great for me to have been involved sooner. Remember: fold fold fold practice practice practice! If you want it, it will come.

Jon is an incredibly clever and talented man. We urge you to go and visit his excellent and inspirational gallery.

Jon's Gallery

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Featured Orikane Practitioner

Name - Shane aka "Nano"

Years Practicing 30:
I was fortunate to know not one but two foreign exchanges students; one in Kindergarten then one in First Grade. Both from Japan. We instantly became friends. Their mothers would teach me Origami which I soaked up like a sponge. I thought it was simply amazing what you could do with something 2D that became 3D.

For whatever reason (growing up, having jobs, life, etc.) I didn't practice folding for many years. But a few years ago a friend got me a gag gift on Money Origami since she knew I used to fold. That rekindled my interest and have been folding since.

Favorite Fold:

This is tough. I'm not sure I have a favorite fold as much as I have a favorite reaction. I often use Moneygami as a bonus along with the tip for their food/drink services (restaurant, pubs, etc). I get some of the best reactions (and nice fuzzy feelings) when doing flowers, butterflies, hearts, elephants and turtles for the ladies. Lizards, scorpions and *cough* female body parts for the guys.

If I had to pick one I'd say Won Park's Double Crane. Based from a simple Crane and one that almost everyone who has tried Origami can make, but challenging and nearly unbelievable to most; everyone thinks it's two bills, not one. I love the Koi too but that takes me a few hours to do and my version still doesn't look nearly as nice.

Friends in grade school, Won Park, Robert J. Lang , John Montroll, Jodi
Fukumoto and many others.

[I have so many, some favorites]

Learning is finding out what you already know.
Doing is demonstrating that you know it. (Richard David Bach)

You teach best what you most need to learn. (Richard David Bach)

Experience is what you get when you were expecting something else. (Anon)


Born/raised in Utah, USA. Currently residing in Pennsylvania, USA.

Message To Beginners

Terminology. I believe that's the foundation in any field. Understanding the lingo automatically gives you comprehension on the subject which makes doing it easier. Mountain, Valley, Squash, Rabbit Ear (and so on) and all those little lines in diagrams. That's your foundation.

I started with Origami square paper. You could do the same using any sort of paper. Familiarize yourself with folds and just play around; experiment. There is no wrong way. Using money is fine but it's much thicker, smaller and if you just can't get something right you end up with a pretty wrinkled up bill; but still spendable I guess.

Oh, and because I'm something of a perfectionist and want the crispest folds I can get. I carry around in my wallet a very small but very fine point pair of tweezers. Comes in very handy for tight folds and getting into those little places fingers just can't get to.

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Featured Orikane Practitioner

name: John lamber (sorry no photos because of no camera Sad

Years Practising: 10 years

Favorite Fold: koi, jack in the box, komatsu lion and kamiya cerberus

Influences: kamiya satoshi,Hoang Trung Thanh, robert lang and Nguyễn Hùng Cường

Ethos: never give up...if you do you will fail horribley

location: NZ

Message To Beginners: start it easy then progress to bigger and bigger stuff and also NEVER give up.

Gone Twittering. will be using Twitter as a major way of communicating to students registered on the free course. For those of you that have not seen Twitter, its just like texting the world!!

Its almost as addictive as Orikane. Now, if you are serious about learning Orikane and want to join them then please follow this link and just click "Follow". You will then get instant notification on all the latest news in the world of Orikane.

Follow Orikane here

Thanks guys

Dollar Bill Origami Armour dilllllllllo

this is a great fold perfect for a beginner.

Featured Artists

At this stage we may as well do a "shout out" for any budding Orikane artists out there that may want to be featured on our blog.

Please just leave a comment below with a link to some of your work and we will be in touch!

We will only ask a few questions via email and offer some exposure to your work for our readers.

Cant wait to hear from you!


Orikane Practitionersin The Pipe Line - Jon Tucker

Hi guys, I am planning an interview with a really talented Dollar Bill Origami artist. His name is Jon Tucker and some examples of his work can be seen on his flickr account here and we strongly urge you to go and visit. Jon's excellent work shows a variety of beautiful and complex folds that must have taken years to master.

Dollar Bill Origami Dragon by Jon Tucker

We are so excited about asking Jon some questions and cant wait to see more of his excellent work!!

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Learn how to make the money origami rose

Moneygami / Orikane