Thursday, June 11, 2009

Origami Koi Carp Instructions Part 3

Part 3 in the money origami koi carp by Won Park
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Here is the PDF link <----------YOU NEED THIS PDF TO GET THE DIAGRAM ;)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Money Origami Koi Carp Instructions

Money Origami Koi Instructions VIDEO PART 1.....

Great news guys, the money origami koi videos are now ready, and here is the first one!

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It has been a long time in waiting for many of you as to when you will be able to learn the money origami koi by Won Park

And now the wait is over, its finally here.

You will need much time and patience and it is only for the more advanced folder.

Here is the PDF link <----------YOU NEED THIS PDF TO GET THE DIAGRAM ;) Good luck and please let us know how you get on Visit Won parks main site here

Money Origami Instructions

One of the hottest money origami instructions is Money Menagerie Origami Zoo for you by Sterling Dare

Mr.Dare teaches you the beginning folds and origami bases. With great overhead camera views of the folding and a revolving view of the finished model, you will easily learn to make a menagerie of wild creatures!

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What People Are Saying:

"A friend of mine gave me an AMAZING DVD set for an early Christmas present! It is called 'Money Menagerie – Origami Zoo for You' with Sterling Dare. I have never seen a DVD or video with such clear examples. (I've bought many DVD and videos on balloons and magic, so I do appreciate the outstanding quality of the videography in this DVD.)

I have the two DVD set – which CLEARLY demonstrates 26 models from beginner to advanced of money origami. The camera angle is fantastic. As Sterling begins each demonstration, there is a rotating model of what you are going to be making up in the corner of the screen. The way this product is put together, ANYONE can be folding wonderful animals almost immediately!"

I guarantee anyone who sees them (the DVD's) will be delighted with the quality, the clarity and the variety of the designs and instructions."

- Serena Lumiere

"I think these are charming and well worth the effort to learn and make. Definitely recommended." - Phil Wilmarth

"Many magicians, myself included, use simple origami figure as giveaways in their professional work...A great impromptu giveaway is an origami figure folded from a dollar bill. Money Menagerie by Sterling Dare contains more then 20 figures that can be folded from standard U.S. currency. Models include a camel, giraffe, dragon...and a great looking bat." - Michael Close

Learn how to make the money origami rose

Moneygami / Orikane