Thursday, February 21, 2008

10 Reasons Why I LOVE dollar Bill Origami

Hi guys, I have always wanted to say this but never found the right place.

1) I always have a note on me
2) For some reason people think its way more fun then Origami
3) I can and do, give dollar Bill Origami folds away as presents
4) You can see the look of frustration when you do a fold on say a $100 bill and the owner wants to spend that money but decides to keep it. Its a real ego booster!!
5) I find it inspires people way more then traditional Origami.
6) If you can master the faces concealed within the Dollar bill its even more impressive.
7) Its so visually rewarding.
8) As soon as you master the basics you can grow at a phenomenal rate.
9) Its relaxing and rewarding
10) Its Easier then Traditional Origami if you start from the basics of Orikane.

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