Sunday, July 6, 2008

Money Origami Star Guest Interview Lisa Shea -

Lisa Shea is a fantastic folder of money. Her style intrigues us and we could not wait to ask her some questions!

How long have you been doing money origami?
I have been doing money origami since I was in elementary school. The classics like the “ring” are always fun to do and most little kids have a dollar or two for their lunch money to play with. If you are giving a payment for your lunch or paying back a friend, it’s always fun to do that with a “twist”.

What Inspired you to learn?
Origami is one of the most inexpensive of hobbies. You can get a book from a library and learn everything you need to know. There is paper all around us to practice with. You can take something that is “junk” – a flyer from a local car dealership – and turn it into a very pretty present. With money, you are giving money to people every day anyway – to pay for your coffee, to give a tip to a waitress, to pay back a friend for lunch. When you turn it into something lovely, it makes the transaction that much more meaningful.

What is your favorite fold?
I love the butterfly because it is so visually pretty and because it’s immediately identifiable to everyone. Yes, it means you need pipe cleaners J I don’t mind carrying one or two around in my purse with me. To be able to give a money butterfly to a waitress who has done a really good job is such a treat. I know wait staff who have kept their presents for years and who really love them. It’s one of those small gifts that is very easy to give, but which can really improve a person’s day or week. How often do waiters really feel “appreciated”?

Who is your favorite origami artists?
I really don’t follow artists and elaborate designs. I focus on the traditional shapes. I love that connection, to know that women and men 500 years ago were enjoying these same designs, giving the flowers to their loved ones.

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