Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet Harley The 'Naughty Dog' The Naughtiest Money Origami Dog In The World

Meet 'Naughty Dog' the naughtiest dog around made lovingly from a one dollar bill

We have based Naughty Dog on Harley the Orikane Pet Dog. 

Harley is  well.... just naughty, infact he is  the naughtiest dog in the world.

He chews the carpet, scratches the door, breaks flower pots, traipse mud throughout the house,
pee's on the carpet (even though he is FULLY house trained) 
and basically is just plain naughty all the dang time!!

IMPORTANT ;) As we would not wish such a naughty little dog like Harley on ANYONE we have decided NOT to release the video instruction guide at this time.

It's way better you didn't learn him, it's safer that you don't invite him in and it's sensible not to give him as a gift to ANYONE


However  for some of you who may be brave ....

and for those of you that have a big heart ...

or those of you who have the patience of an angel and actually  want to let a little joker like our Harley in on your pad 
then just write a comment below and we 'may' make the instructional video  for you.

Just tap in a quick comment below - maybe digg it or like him on facebook and we may 'just may' shoot the instructional video'

If not you may want learn more money origami here

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