Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Origami Christmas Decorations Video

Click here to Learn how  to make 10 Money Origami Decorations

Here is the latest review video for the 10 Money origami Christmas Decorations video pack from Orikane.
Orikane is the art of money folding and Christmas is the most popular time to learn how to fold money in to wonderful works
of art.

In this downloadable video course you will learn how to make everything from money origami Christmas trees to crackers, gift bow's to box's, stars to stockings and more.

The videos are quick to download, easy to follow and you will learn a simple skill that will last a lifetime.

You can use these origami Christmas decorations as:
  • Christmas Tree Decorations
  • Stocking Fillers
  • Christmas Table Favors
  • Gifts
  • Gift Boxs
  • Invite Decorations
  • Placemats
  • And Lots Of Other Unique Ways

Besides being quick to learn, money origami is a great night in for all the family and what a better way of teaching your kids how to save money too!

Just download the videos, grab some fresh bills and start folding right away.

Click here to Learn how  to make 10 Money Origami Decorations

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